SV Falcon GT Has A New Owner

SV Falcon GT Has A New Canadian Owner

The Falcon GT - a remarkable alloy sailboat - considered by many as 'the boat I want next' has a happy new Canadian owner in British Columbia.
A new era starts.
Cheers and thanks for following the voyages.
The ex Senior Member aka John
The End Of An Era.  
John has sold his creation.  After assisting with the build and member of the 117 day cruise, I'm sad to see her go, but wish John and his Family all the best in the future.  
Thank you John for letting me be a part of the whole experience.
  The ex EO (Electronics Officer) aka Doug S

Whale Watching in Niue Aug-Sept 2010

New Zealand to Niue to watch the whales

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117 DAYS AT SEA OCT 2008 - MAR 2009

The end of the Sea Journey

From John Saturday April 4th

Day 12 from Melbourne at Nelson Bay port stephens - on board FGT Sat April 4 09
Position 32 43S 152 08E 76 n miles to Sydney.
Wind - 20 -25 knots South to SE.
Boat speed av 6.0 kts. 0 rpm
Av boat direction- 040
Barometer 1028.8
cloud cover varies - 100% Air temp 25C 8:41pm local time

Greetings from a mooring at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens up the coast from Sydney,
Last night moored at Refuge Bay - an arm of the Hawksbury River - just up the coast from Sydney - idyllic - a secret spot with a waterfall and no trace of humans on shore just 12 nm up from Sydney. A great night in a beautiful Aussie setting - well maybe - ask Thomas and Fraser about the spider, and the plaque about the Krait (P Keeley knows).
This morning we set off for Coffs Harbour - home of the CEO - the sea was roughish - the wind was blowing 25 from behind - all looked good until the SM started thinking - up to CH back to Port Stephens - maybe an option is - say whip into PS and stay there!
Done deal - all agreed or were strong armed - the end result is
Your sailing saturated Crew